Our Soaps

Gentle every day soap.

Hand made locally with Honey from our Down East Apiary.

No colorants, No Palm oil.

Made with all natural plant oils plus fragrance.

The Original
Our original formula provides a balance between gentleness while retaining good cleansing properties.
A gentle smooth soap – balancing luxury and cleanliness.
100% olive oil soap provides a luxurious cleaning experience.
Bee Gentle – a fragrance free gentle soap great for sensitive skins
Outer Banks XFoliating soap, our exclusive recipe contains pristine sea water, sea sand, honey and bees wax to provide a superior rejuvenating exfoliating experience
Gardeners Soap
a Bastille based soap with sea sand to provide scrubbing action and pristine sea water, honey and bees wax to provide a superior hardness to aid the cleansing action of the sea sand.
A deep cleansing soap for the hands of hard-working local fisherman, farmers, mechanics and gardeners. Contains extra coconut oil for cleansing, sea sand to remove stubborn dirt, and sea water and bees wax for Hardness
It's still soap